Victor Oppenheimer


This is the home page of Victor Oppenheimer. It is in the process of being built.

I reside in Cambridge Massachusetts. I live in a home with my partner, Shannon Brophy, and our son Gabriel Kieran Oppenheimer who was born on March 9, 1997. To see more pictures of Gabe, peruse Gabe's website.



This is my "second" family. Living nearby in Cambridge with his family is my son from my first family, Daniel.


This is Sue, my daughter-in-law.


Daniel and Sue have a large and wonderful family of five children. In decending order of age here are pictures of my grandchildren:






Daniel and Sue

See some photos of my Grandchildren from the summer of 1998.

My grandsons in the summer of 1996.

Kahlil, Tali, Shanti, Schuyler

In addition to his avocation of poetry, my son, Daniel works as a manager at WorldStreet Corporation, an Applications Service Provider to the financial industry.

I also have a sister, Susan Hartshorn, with whom I am very close. Susie and her husband, John, live in Connecticut fairly close to the Massachusetts border.

My major work is with Cambridge Computer Associates, Inc. (CCA), a small company that I founded over thirty years. I am CCA's President. The company offers computer software consulting services. It also invents, builds, and attempts to market proprietary products. Some of the products CCA develops are software or software-based while others are unrelated to computers.

For some time now I've put a lot of work into a company called The Arcon Group, Inc. where I am the Vice-President. The company is based on the use of Artificial Neural Nets (ANNs) accessed over the Internet. The ANNs are used to project the course of patient's functional recovery from various maladies. The work is interesting and offers rewards to patients, payers, and physicians alike. Check out the Arcon website.

If you are interested in my work experience with CCA and generally, see my resume showing some of my professional background and credentials.

I am also very interested in the yoga of BKS Iyengar.

B.K.S. Iyengar

I have studied with Sri Iyengar at his Institute in Pune India about every two years for over a period of a little more than twenty years. He has certified me to teach his style of yoga and I do so from my home in Cambridge and elsewhere.

Together with Shannon Brophy, I've started the Yoga.Com company. It is an Internet-based center for information about the Iyengar style of yoga, yoga in general, and related subjects. It also offers a variety of holistic products for sale. Check out the Yoga.Com website.

I also own about 19 acres of property with large piece of lake frontage and two dwellings in Maine.

The House

The Camp

One is a small year-round house.

The second dwelling is a seasonal "camp". Both are nestled in the woods on the shores of an inland lake.

My Maine property is close to my heart. I go there to renew myself and partake of the deep peace that the natural setting and woods offer. It is also a place where I can give uninterrupted time to activities such as the practice of my yoga and recreational reading.

My hobbies consist of chess, recreational dancing, reading, and occasional camping.